Thursday, 26 May 2016


I have always been a sucker for stripes, I just cannot get enough of anything nautical. Perhaps it's because I was raised by the sea. 
When summer comes along I love to wear anything stripey, so when I saw this two-piece advertised in a magazine, I went on the hunt.

I'm not normally one for supermarket fashion. Some of my friends seem to be able to find absolute gems from George at Asda or Tu at Sainsburys, but not me. However, this two piece is from, would you believe it, F&F at Tesco.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


An impromptu trip, and one that I will never forget. We got lost every day in this city, but I didn't mind. Wondering through the streets, marveling at the beautiful architecture, taking in the grandness of everything, I felt so comfortable and happy here.
It was nothing like London. There was a calmness about the place, no rushing or urgency. Perhaps not peaceful, definitely somewhat bustling, but not claustrophobic.

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