Thursday, 9 June 2016

English Countryside

I have always loved being outdoors. If I could, I would spend my whole life gallivanting around in the middle of nowhere, with just trees and wildlife surrounding me. Being outside makes me feel so calm and content.
 Going to The Cotswolds for a week was exactly what I needed, and I took the opportunity to wear a dress that, I believe, went perfectly with my surroundings.

I have had my eyes on this Topshop number for a while now. The blue and white floral print sums up British quaintness very well. It is the sort of dress I would wear for a sunny picnic, or to drink Pimms and Lemonade in a sunny pub garden. You can find a similar dress here but I am sure that this one is currently still in stores. Topshop have got a huge range of gorgeous summery dresses at the moment, and I am loving this wrap style. It is so flattering, and the frilly cold shoulders give it such femininity.

We spent the morning strolling through meadows, smelling wild flowers, breathing in the fresh air and taking in the sheer beauty of our surroundings. With green as far as the eye could see, I felt very much at home. I am now sure that green is my favourite colour.

We spent the day in euphoria, never wanting to see a car or road or shopping centre again.

I even paddled in a stream, with water so ice cold I had to run out after 30 seconds.
This was one of my favourite days so far this year, and one I plan on recreating again and again this summer. There's nothing better than exploring unknown territory, especially when it has been basically untouched by humans! There will be more on my trip to The Cotswolds shortly on the blog, I am sure.



  1. i love your dress, so feminine!

  2. Your dress looks lovely on you and the Cotswolds as the background look beautiful! I've always wanted to visit there :)

    1. Thankyou so much! I would definitely recommend Broadway in the Cotswolds! It's so beautiful, especially this time of year. X

  3. Great post. Look forward to reading more xx


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