Sunday, 25 January 2015

A sunny, cold Saturday

I find it very easy to do nothing at the weekend.

After a long week at work, sometimes all I want to do is lounge around in my pyjamas, watch YouTube videos and eat junk.

After my driving lesson this weekend, I was weirdly raring to get out and do something. So was he. So we did...

...Starting with some lunch. Watts Gallery is tucked away. You won't come across it, or know about it, unless you do a bit of research. It is near the picturesque village of Compton near Guildford. You can find it here:

Watts Gallery and Tea Rooms

We skipped the gallery part, and went straight to the tea rooms, with food being on the forefront of our minds (not unusual).

Earl Grey is my drink of choice. Milk and one lump of sugar.

After lunch, I was still not ready to go home.

I got on Google and searched 'things to do in Surrey'. The conclusion was Shere. Possibly the most English place I have ever been. It is so beautiful, it is almost too good to be true. It is also so close to my home, I am so happy I found it. Basically, it comprises of two pubs and a couple of shops.

On the way is one of the most breath taking views in England. (possibly? at least one of the most break taking views that I have ever seen).

Hopefully you can tell by my ropey old photography skills how amazing that view is. If not, I do recommend taking a stroll down there if you're nearby. I am keen to visit in the summer, picnic in hand/car boot.

Obligatory posey photos coming up...

Work it.

After the brief stop at Newlands corner, we made our way to Shere in search of a pub.
We found ducks first...
Who were very disappointed that we couldn't offer them any bread.

We went to the pub, and on the wall was a picture from the film 'The Holiday'. You know the one? It has Kate Winslet and Jude Law in it. Well it turns out it was filmed in Shere!
I'd love to say I drank a nice, girly drink, without 1000 calories in it. But I didn't. I had a pint of cider. Sorry Mum.
Now, I am determined to make a consistent effort with my Saturdays.
I had such a lovely day, and have come to the conclusion that the best days are when you don't have any set in stone plans, but discover new places to visit and new things to do along the way.
Until next week.
Hollie x


Sunday, 18 January 2015

3 Casual Looks for January

So 2015 is here.

This year I wanted to try something new. I am an avid blog reader, so why not try to write my own?

I start this completely clueless. I have no idea what I am doing. All I hope is that the more posts I publish, the more I will learn.

Luckily, I have a boyfriend who has a nice camera and is quite good at taking photos, so that helps me out with blog posts like this one. I also bought myself my own camera. A Panasonic Lumix GF6 to be precise. I have heard some good things about this camera, and I feel it will be a good starter camera for me as a complete novice. You can find it here: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF6. It is a compact system camera- perfect for taking out and about whilst still taking amazing quality photos.

I will keep you updated on how I get on with this camera. The photos on next weeks post will be taken on my camera.

Anyway, back to clothes. I went on a bit of a shopping spree after Christmas, and River Island was the shop that stood out. I find it quite hit and miss depending on season, but there was so much in there that I loved. I have styled the new pieces with some old favourites.

Outfit 1 - The Long Cardi

The boots were a bargain from Bicester Village. About £25 from £150, I couldn't not. I have been wanting a maxi cardigan for a long time, I just didn't think I could get away with it. I always imagine that maxi things are for tall girls and I'm just 5 foot 6. As this cuts half way down the calf I think it's super flattering and stylish. I love it!
Outfit 2 - The Cape
I got this cape for Christmas, and love it. It is so warm and perfect for one of those days where it is not cold enough for a coat, but you just need something to cover you up. The Topshop leggings are the most comfortable ever, and perfect for girls like me who are a bit belly conscious. They are quite high-waisted so tuck everything in.

Outfit 3 - The Zipped Jumper

Zip Jumper - River Island    Navy Jeggings - M&S    Boots as before
I am the sort of girl who wears a lot of black and grey. This navy and black outfit is something I'd wear to the pub on a Friday night, or on a day out shopping. It's simple and flattering. The jumper is sheer, so I wouldn't wear this to work, as I like to wear it without as top underneath as to not change the neckline.
So here we go. My First Blog Post. I am going to aim to do this weekly for now, and we'll see how it goes.
Thanks for taking a look, and I'll be back next Sunday.
Hollie x

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