Monday, 6 April 2015


No matter how old I get, or where I end up living, I will always consider my mum and dad's house to be my real home.  I cherish every moment I spend there, all the more so now that I don't go back so often. At university I would have weeks worth of time off, and I would of course spend it at home. But now I've left Cardiff, and I am trying to live as a functioning adult, my time spent there is shorter, my visits less often.
I don't know if I will ever fully feel like I have left home, or come to terms with that fact. My family mean more to me then anything else. No matter how much things don't go my way, I know that I have them there to fall back on.

I always wanted this blog to be a place of positivity, somewhere I could share all the fun things that I do, but sometimes reality hits. I've not written a blog post for a month because I've not had the inspiration to do so. How can I write about positive, happy things when I haven't felt that way?
Being an adult is hard, harder than I realised it would be. Life has ups and downs, and sometimes it is easier to focus on the downs.

Going back home made everything seem a bit better. I relaxed, smiled, laughed, even went for a 5K run with my dad. I feel brighter, and like a little bit of  that weight has been lifted.

I do apologise for this outburst. I know that things are looking up again now. Let me share with you some happy photos that I took. Some are from mother's day a couple of weeks ago, some are from this Easter weekend. (I literally only ate chocolate it was fantastic).

A gift for Mum.

Please behold, the love of my life, Gumbet,

The day today was beautiful. It was so warm, no need for a jacket. I always forget how exciting I find the transition from Winter to Summer. Spring is such an uplifting season.

I felt a bit awkward taking a picture of someone's scooter, but dad said 'whoever rides on one of those wants the attention!' so I took a photo.

I am almost certain that when this little personal struggle of mine is over I will blog about it. Until it is over, I will make the most of everything else. I have so much to be grateful for.

The next blog post I write will be full of positivity!

Hollie x


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