Sunday, 15 February 2015

A lovely Valentines weekend

Valentines day 2014 was a complete write off. Callum had appendicitis and we spent the night in a hospital somewhere in London. It was an absolute disaster, and he had so much planned. He even made sure that I saw the roses and balloons he'd put out in the lounge the night before before we got in the ambulance!!

2015 was much more successful. I thought I would take the reigns this year, and my idea of a perfect valentines day was to spend it at home together, in our joggers, just enjoying each others company. There is nothing worse than being crammed into a restaurant, knocking elbows with the couple next to you, whilst having a limited and over priced set menu to choose from.

I thought I would cook, so after my driving lesson I spent the day preparing some delicious food for us to enjoy that evening. I spent most of the day trying to bake some red velvet cheesecake cupcakes. They didn't turn out red at all when they came out of the oven!

We decided that we didn't really need to impress each other, so we didn't get dressed up, just put on the comfiest clothes that we could find. This was perfect for cooking in, and as we don't have a dining table, it was also perfect for slobbing on the sofa!

I did decorate the place a little bit... I didn't want it to seem like any other night (and I don't want him thinking that this may happen more often, it was most definitely a 'special occasion' thing! ;-)  ).

For starter I made garlic mushrooms on sour bread toast (a Tom Kerridge recipe from this book Tom Kerridge's Proper Pub Food)

Fillet steak with sweet potato chips, onion rings and home made pepper corn sauce for main.

And for pudding we had a cupcake each, although I don't think we truly appreciated it due to how stuffed we were from the first two courses.

The rest of the night was spent getting a bit tipsy whilst watching the end of Take Me Out. We fell asleep on the sofa, woke up at about 1 am and went downstairs to bed. (we have an upside down house, which is why we went downstairs!)

Callum promised that as I cooked on Saturday, Sunday he would take me out for lunch. We headed into Guildford and had a look around the shops (I may have been treated to a Chanel foundation, a review to follow I'm sure).

Callum had booked a table at Bill's. This restaurant is an old favourite of ours, we used to go there when we first started going out and Callum would travel up to Cardiff at the weekends to see me. The food is just really nice, simple but really good quality. It almost doesn't feel like a chain restaurant, and you can tell the quality by how busy it always is in there!

Have a look at the menu here: Bill's. They've got restaurants everywhere, but i'd be surprised if you haven't tried it already!

Of course, we took some obligatory 'sat at a table in a restaurant' shots.
The following three photos prove why I am so attracted to my boyfriend.

We shared a Mezze board for starter.

It was delicious, breaded halloumi, hummus, baba ganoush, olives, sun-blushed tomato tapenade and wholemeal pitta, to be honest I was almost full after we polished it off!

Not so full that I couldn't eat a fish finger sandwich though. I seem to order the same main course every time I come here!

The fish was just cooked, and that is how I like it.  I am not really a fan of fish that is so over-cooked, it is really dry, and this was perfect!

You can tell how much I enjoyed it by these photos, I am such an attractive eater!   ;-)

We followed this meal with a little drive, and we found another incredible Surrey view. I cannot get enough of Surrey, before living here I didn't realise how stunning it was!

This field was absolutely filled with sheep, and it makes me so excited to think that in a month or so there will be little lambs prancing around too!!

So, that was my valentines weekend. It was food filled, so the diet starts again tomorrow. I plan on doing a lot of exercise next week and I am going to do a blog post about exercise at some point soon too, as soon as I feel like I've perfected my routine down to a tee.

Thank you for reading. Until next week...

Hollie x

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