Sunday, 8 February 2015

Anja McCloskey and Ottersgear at The Art House, Southampton

I have one huge passion in life, and that is music.
There is no better feeling in the whole world than performing on stage, no bigger buzz or adrenaline rush than picking up my violin and playing it, with a group of amazing musicians surrounding me, and playing a long with me.
This is made even better when you are performing with one of your closest friends!

Anja McCloskey is one of the most talented people I know, an awesome song writer and extremely gifted accordionist. Luckily, I get to play in her band!

From going on a European Tour, to spending a week in Hamburg recording her album, I have had some amazing times in Anja's band.

This gig was no exception.

The Art House in Southampton is a quirky little place, staffed by volunteers, it is a vegetarian café, gallery and music venue all in one. It has a huge amount of charm, and served a fantastic organic cider! :-)

Find some more info here: The Art House, Southampton

We rehearsed for a while, ate some dinner and cake, and got ready for the evening.

Doors opened at 7.30, and the night kicked off with Ottersgear.

Mikey Kenney is someone who I hugely admire. He is an amazing fiddle player, playing a mixture of covers and originals, English and Irish folk, Bluegrass and Americana.
It is difficult not to dance to the music he plays, and it is also difficult not to be hugely jealous of his talents. I wish I could play as freely as he can!

I do suggest you listen to his music: Mikey Kenney

After the amazing opener, we went on stage.

The place was full, which made it all the more fun. The atmosphere was great, and I had a lovely time on stage.

We all played together for the song 'Instigate It'.

Please do check Anja out. She gave my musical life some variety. I am a classically trained violinist, but Anja gives me the chance to do something a little less serious, and extremely enjoyable!

Here is her website, she plays all over the country and I do recommend seeing her live (if I do say so myself). The day after this she went from Southampton to Birmingham to play another gig!  Anja McCloskey

So, next weekend is valentines day. Now, would it be completely wrong to take pictures? Probably. But I'm going to do it anyway.

Hollie x


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