Thursday, 11 August 2016

Lyndhurst and Lymington

Sunny weather calls for days out. Days to cute little towns in the New Forest! 
There are not many places where you can walk around and be surrounded by wild horses and ponies. I grew up coming to the New Forest for picnics in the summer, but the novelty never wears thin.

We stopped off in Lyndhurst first. Not only to stroke the horses, but to eat some lunch (and so my boyfriend could stare at a certain Italian brand of ridiculously expensive cars in the ridiculously expensive car garage - Said car garage linked here).
We went to a cafe/deli called The Forage which was fine but not spectacular. The portions were huge and the coffee was average, but it filled a gap. Next time perhaps i'll try one of the more traditional tea rooms.

Lyndhurst is pretty, but there's not enough to keep you entertained all day. After lunch we drove to Lymington. A cute harbour town with some nice pubs to sit in and shops to wander around. It was so busy we struggled to find a parking space. But we did, and to my boyfriend's delight, we happened to go to Lymington the day the high street was full of Ferraris!

After looking at all the cars, we went on the hunt for a nice little pub to sit down and have a Pimms and Lemonade. We found the pub, but nowhere to sit, so instead we took our drinks outside and perched on the marina wall.

I'm sure if we'd tried a little harder we would have found somewhere not so busy, but it was a hot day and I wanted a Pimms in my hand as soon as possible!

I love little spontaneous day trips like this, especially when the weather is good. Summer 2016 has been a year of appreciating the country I live in, and I will be doing some more of that next week, this time at the Green Man festival with my best friends. Blog post to follow... :)


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