Thursday, 22 September 2016

The Changing of the Seaons

Summer has (just about) finished for another year. The evenings are darker and the air feels different. Thinner.
It's not quite woolen jumper weather, but gone are days for gallivanting around in floaty summer dresses. 

I know I was in the New Forest in my last blog post, but how can I stay away from such lovely, lovely surroundings? And it's changed since the last time. Trees are full of conkers and acorns, the edges of leaves are beginning to turn from bright green to copper, and the cool air is refreshing after a summer of balmy nights.

It's funny, the anticipation of every new season makes me feel equally excited as the last! I am truly looking forward to cosy nights in country pubs, sat by a fire, with a large glass of wine. Crisp, dewy mornings where you can see your breath. Even Halloween! 

In this transitional period I live in loose fitted shirts, jeans and loafers.
The maroon Topshop Jamie Jeans are from a couple of years ago, but an equally autumnal alternative is this khaki pair.
Topshop also have a similar style chambray white shirt in their sale here.

Along with Autumn, comes my birthday. I'm 26 this year. And what a lovely age to be. I feel so optimistic about the next year of my life.  I have a lot to look forward to! 
Blog post to follow about my birthday celebrations, I am sure of it.


  1. You should write a fiction book. The way you describe things is encaptivating. Xx

    1. Oh thank you my love 😊 That means a lot!


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